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June 5 — Painful economic slowdowns are nothing new to Southeast Asia. The region went through its own gut-wrenching financial crisis more than a decade ago in what now seems like a dress rehearsal for today’s turmoil.Companies defaulted, banks collapsed, stock markets tanked, and economies shrank at double-digit rates as foreign investment slowed to a trickle.But Southeast Asia dutifully swallowed the bitter pill of austerity, devaluing currencies and working off debt while banks restructured a

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The Greatest Moments in Tetris History
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As the entire video game industry celebrates the fact that they’re still making bank while most other media industries are crumbling around them, one of the games responsible for the creation of the consumer game market celebrates its 25th birthday this week. And, no, it’s not Pong.

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The Greatest Moments in Tetris History

Heavy Rain Trickles Hints of DLC
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Speaking with Petro Piaseckyj, Managing Producer for SCEA during our session with Heavy Rain he mentioned that Heavy Rain DLC is indeed in the works.

Tesla to open seven new dealerships this summer
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Looking to take a Tesla electric car for a spin, are ya? Lucky you, as the company will be opening seven sales centers this summer — four in the US and three abroad. You’ll be able to take a test drive in New York, Seattle, Chicago, and Miami, along with London, Monaco, and Munich.

Harper Calls for Bringing Local Contracts into NAFTA
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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has called for bringing municipal and provincial contract bidding into the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). The announcement was made last night at a private dinner in Quebec City, where he and Quebec Premier Jean Charest… read more

Health Food Supplement - Add Flax Seed to Your Diet and Enjoy the Benefits
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TUAW at E3: The Sims 3 for iPhone
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Filed under: Analysis / Opinion , Gaming , Software , iPhone , App Store , iPod touch The Sims 3 pretty faithfully recreates the Sims experience on Apple’s handhelds, albeit in a more streamlined version. While the handheld port avoids a lot of the new complexity of the latest PC release, the core Sims experience is still here — you can create a Sim, give it a personality and a house, and then help your little avatar live its life, from going to work to following goals and dre

Officials urge caution when out kayaking
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The rescue of two kayakers off of Newcastle Island last weekend has led to calls by rescue officials for participants in the increasingly popular sport to be cautious as the busy summer season the entire article Category: kayak | Source: kayakingnews Similiar Articles:Sea kayaking and whitewater kayaking: As different as night and dayWhile sea kayakers and white-water kayakers enjoy getting out on the water, the sports that they enjoy are polar opposites. …Officials

Greeks get fit on back of Olympics
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Greece’s success at the Euro 2004 Soccer Championship in Portugal along with the Athens 2004 Summer Olympic Games have encouraged Greeks to get off the couch and onto the sports field, medical experts said. The President of the Sports Medicine Association of Greece, Constantinos Natsis, said that the number of Greeks exercising after the two international sports events has risen by 15 percent to four in 10 people

Why a Control Diet Will Not Help 25 Percent of Diabetics
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The real dangers of diabetes are not what you think. Diabetes is a disease of lifestyle and with simple changes in your lifestyle you can live a healthy and productive life. But you have got to first be aware of this very important piece of the puzzle.

Sony to Offer New Digital Copies Of Your Old UMD Games
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You may be thinking, with the recently announced PSP Go , how will I be able to play my previous UMD games? Well, you can keep your old PSP , or you can listen to what John Koller has to say

Headline: ‘Did Global Warming Help Bring Down Air France Flight 447?
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In today’s “Why Didn’t Al Gore Think of That?” moment, a Russian climatologist is claiming global warming might have played a significant role in bringing down Air France flight 447 on Monday.